questionnaire Relmin - Religious Minorities and Cohabitations in the Middle Ages


This quiz will test your knowledge of the European medieval roots of religious pluralism through a variety of legal sources.

European research programme RELMIN stuides the legal sources defining the status of religious minorities in the the Middle Ages in the Euro-mediterranean world. In this quiz you will (re)discover how the different communities lived in the medieval societies and what were the rules and norms defining the relations between Christians, Jews and Muslims.

This project is based on the legal sources collected in archives and libraries from all over Europe and the Maghreb and gathered in by the Relmin researchers in the online database. This key knowledge provides perspective on the contemporary questions and issues of religious extremism, conflicts, and allows to understand the root of Europe's diversity better. 

Most of the answers to this questionnaire will give you the chance to explore the Relmin database deeper and to discover original texts dealing with the status of religious minorities from the 5th to the 15th century. 

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